DDD Challenges

donderdag 26 mei 2016 JOINN!, Houten

As developers, from time to time, we have to solve complex problems for our clients/customers - the good, the bad and the ugly designs we end up with do not often see the light of day. This whiteboard talk will show you some concrete problems, how their solutions were designed, why some models wouldn't have worked and others did, leaving you with insight that might help you in your next design challenges.


About Yves Reynhout

I'm a very passionate human being, passionate about what I do and how I live my life. Apart from the constant improvement of my skillset, I also give back, sharing what I've learned. Loyal, "firm but fair", empathic are traits people have come to associate with me. Though getting results is what counts, I fully realize the journey is what gets us there.

Specialties: All things messaging, architectural, expressing user intent explicitly, "less is more" mantra, making the implicit explicit, digging deeper, being persistent, ... combined with an unhealthy dose of technical knowledge.

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