IoT with Windows 10

donderdag 24 maart 2016 JOINN!, Houten

IoT is everywhere and it will be used in more occasions; cars, houses, entertaining systems etc. There are different platforms for this, but Microsoft has started to a whole new ecosystem. In this session Marcel Meijer shows us how easy is it to develop, deploy and use a Raspberry PI with Windows 10 - using current Microsoft and .NET knowledge we all love.


About Marcel Meijer

For over 25 years Marcel works in the world of ICT. Currently he is mainly concerned with Azure, Cloud, C#, Software Development, Architecture. He works for and is the owner of With his company he is available for assignments to get IT and Business together. He is doing his MBA at Nyenrode University.

In his spare time he is chairman and board member of the SDN. Within SDN he is responsible for arranging speakers for the SDN Events (SDE), arranging / editing articles for the SDN Magazine, shares responsibility to finalize the hardcopy and digital magazines and content of the SDN Conferences.

His hobbies include going on vacation, cycling and running. He now has run three marathons (New York, Rotterdam and Berlin) and he now plans to conquer the Alp
d’Huez with the bike.

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