Demystifying Big Data

donderdag 19 februari 2015 Fixx iT, Houten

A closer look at what Big Data really is, its evolutionary process (how we got to this point) and the role it plays in modern Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data cloud services.


About Gert Willem Smit

During the course of my career, I underwent the experience of developing a solid foundation in computer programming and extended my knowledge in obtaining in-depth understanding of the intricate services, components and processes that form the topology of information systems at scale.

As part of this incredible journey, I have also gained global exposure through employment as a software engineer at large corporate companies which includes but are not limited to General Electric (UK), Kaplan IT (USA), Rabobank (NL), Maitland Group (RSA). 

The projects I have worked on formed the basis of my perseverance towards continued study of various technologies for solving diverse problems within platform specific solutions, imbedded technologies, large-scale data and analytical solutions spanning industries such as financial, education, engineering and human resources.

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