Scrum in Theory, scrum in Practice

donderdag 15 oktober 2015 Fixx iT, Houten

After Tanya Fouché gives us an overview of the theory behind Scrum, Kolie van Staden will present a practical example of a Scrum implementation at an Enterprise Level.


About Tanya Fouché

I am an Account Mgr./Project Mgr/Business Coordinator with almost 10 years working experience. My education includes a Bachelors (BCom. Hons) in Marketing and Communication Management, as well as a HBO (Diploma) in Software Engineering and Development. 

My strenghts include:
- Professional communication and analytical skills; 
- Account and relationship management with candidates and clients;
- Excellent project coordination, planning and multi-tasking skills (I am a list fanatic and can manage varying tasks simultaneously. I believe in task switching, not multi-tasking where things are sometimes 'half-done');
- Tech savvy and interested in technology and tools, much more than the average non-IT commercial employee;
- Fast learner and extremely adaptable. 


About Kolie van Staden

I'm a consultant experienced in Solution Architecture, Technical Team Leadership & Software Engineering, while maintaining both the internal and external quality as defined in the agreed Architecture. I have acquired a wealth of valuable experience during the course of engaging in diverse projects over a broad range of industries, ranging from Finance, Banking & Insurance to Engineering, Telematics, Telecommunications and the Energy Sector. My passion for enabling business through innovative solutions, both Technical and Business oriented has provided me with a level of maturity by which I can lead both Technical Teams as well as Business Management Teams to fulfil the success they and the company aspire to.
My experience in multiple disciplines and industries has made me exceptionally adaptable to different organizations and structures. Starting as a Software Engineer and growing towards a Technical Team Lead, Solution Architect and Consultant, I have led numerous teams both co-located and internationally distributed and ranging from one small team of 3 - 4 software engineers to larger multi-team groups with diverse disciplines (including software engineers, testers, automation engineers & agile product owners).
Through all this I have maintained a passion for industry and business, with my focus remaining on the goal of providing technological solutions to solve business needs. By designing and implementing well structured, maintainable and adaptable solutions, I believe that the marriage between business and technology can only be achieved by understanding the unique challenges of both disciplines and working together to overcome those challenges.

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